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Moving You Forward with Andrew Gieselmann: Track Your Data to Inform Your Sales Process

Sandler Training by Capstone Sales Performance helps successful clients optimize their sales initiatives. Each month, Andrew Gieselmann with Sandler shares insightful leadership and sales tips to help you maximize your efficiency and encourage you to power the good in your work.

Andrew shares that as long as there have been salespeople, there has been data to analyze about the process they use to bring in business. The only issue has been how effective leaders are at drawing conclusions from that data. All too often, companies don’t make effective use of the information available to them from their sales teams. They fail to generate the most relevant data points… or they focus on information that is familiar to them but less than meaningful.


So: How can you as a sales leader use data to support both the organization and the sales team? This video will help you to do just that. Learn more about Sandler here:


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