Get On Board Virtual Workshop – Getting Social: How to Win Social and Influence Media

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Speaker: John Carroll, Executive Director, City Leadership / Choose901.

Is social media a strategy or a party? Is it stressful or natural for you? Do you find chest tightening just thinking about all of it or do you feel like a fish in water?

In today’s times, we need to be more effective than ever to understand connecting while distanced and what level of community is possible via social media.

During this presentation, John shares how to understand connecting with others while distanced and what level of community is possible via social media from the perspectives of community impact, business marketing, personal networking, and keeping up with friends.

This virtual event was made possible by the Assisi Foundation of Memphis.

Below are links to the resources John Carroll highlighted during his presentation. You can reach out to John directly to learn more at or 901-628-5474.

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