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Is your team operating at peak performance? Would you trust them with your business? Your life?

“After all, there is no leadership – Jocko Willink



Jocko will share the lessons he’s learned through a lifetime of mastering self-discipline as a SEAL, coach, business owner, and father. If you struggle with juggling many roles and tasks, Jocko will help you understand how to prioritize and execute as a leader.


Leadership skills must be sharpened, and you’ll be able to submit your questions to have them answered live on the webinar, so you too can learn how to master self-discipline, develop high trust environments, and focus your leadership capital in the right areas to create highly effective teams.

“That second, that second that just went by, that counted. And so did that second. And that one. And in those precious seconds you are either building or you are decaying, you are either gaining ground or you are losing ground.”

Jocko Willink

Join Hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Business-minded Leaders, Like Yourself, to learn to maximize your time and effort to operate at peak performance.



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